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Mobile Attend

Take a step forward with our Mobile Attend solution. This digital tickets solution eliminates overcrowded service areas and optimizes customer’s flows, allowing them to join virtually in a queue even before they arrive. Allows your customers to choose the nearest counter, pull out a ticket through a simple mobile app and join the queue only when it’s its turn.

Main Features

  • Take a ticket using smartphone
  • Indication of the closer counter
  • Alerts when your turn its approaching
  • Check-in
  • Online bookings
  • Notifications via SMS
  • List of amounts due and payments in the app
  • Request of receipt statements and justification via email
  • Interaction with information directories available in digital storefronts



More opportunities to create cross-channel experiences

Integration with the existing tools and platforms

Personalized and targeted messages for users

Better use of resources and physical space assigned to waiting areas

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