• Improve waiting time

It is estimated that 90% of the utilities area (which includes companies related to the generation and supply of energy) should undergo rapid and significant changes in the next three years, due to sector digitalization, according to the study “Accenture Technology Vision 2016”. However, they are still required some changes in the way this type of business is conducted. However, one thing is certain. Like any other industry that has to handle personally with its end consumer, there is a need for an approach and the creation of an identity before it.

Thus, it is understandable that the forms of assistance and problem solving, as is the case of payments; recharges, information consultation; queue management and respective loyalty, may undergo some changes, changing from a manual and face-to-face process to a process more fluid and aware to the customer experience in store.

Interactive kiosks currently are a fundamental tool in the process of customer service, clarification of information and communication / advertising. These may be used as elements service providers or only as ludic points.

Multimedia kiosks prove to be increasingly important tools of work, reducing human resources costs, advertising costs, but rather to provide a quality, professional and faster service. They also allow people to maintain a lifestyle that is currently provided to them by information technologies, meaning the autonomy to perform functions that previously required the mandatory presence of another actor.

Another way to manage and monitor the customer service of a counter, is the solution of queue management and Corporate TV, which distracts and informs users as they wait for their turn to be attended to.



Segg platform is the result of over 25 years of experience working in self-service for financial sector and an innovative strategy in digital channels. Developed by SoftFinança’s I&D senior team, allows you to implement and manage an interactive, dynamic and transactional channels network.
Universal Solution
For any terminal type, from larger to smaller structures with different business applications.
A single platform to centrally manage all channels and terminals in one or more networks.
Its architecture adapts to complex hierarchical systems, but also simple level and individual structures.