Queue Management

Experienced in the implementation of queue management systems, we have the platforms technology, the experience, and the skills to implement Queue Management systems with ergonomic and robust displays and ticket dispensers, design to fit any organization.

This system has the same central and cross-module used in the solution of Corporate TV - SEGG.SERVER, as well as an application module to suit different applications, in this case the module SEGG. ATTEND, for Queue Management Systems.

With this system, the organization has a full view of the effectiveness and current status of their customer service in each point of attendance, using the system to improve service, and monitor the activity and efficiency of employees.


  • Reduces waiting time about 50%
  • Increased customer satisfaction about 30%
  • Eliminates irregular and random queues
  • Ensures a better customer experience with an improved, modernized and efficient service
  • Optimizes performance and employee productivity
  • Improves customer service with a modern and efficient solution
  • Customization of each service point, centralized and remote activity monitoring
  • Statistics and reports that can improve efficiency and optimize resources
  • Integration of a management service with a Corporate TV system

Main Features



Multi-language system (for users and customers)

Attendance without tickets capability

Tickets rerouting

Management and configuration by counter and/ or ticket dispenser

Priority customer assistance and establishment of various dynamic criteria of priority attendance

Notifications via SMS

Waiting times optimization

Waiting time information with customers alerts

Schedules and limits setting of tickets emissions

Creating and managing adapted layouts to the reality of the institution

Statistics (Here and Now, services, waiting times, counters, users, etc.)

Viewing points Management




Displays tickets called to one or more services and has the ability to configure the location on the screen where we want to view this information

Information about tickets may always be visible or just at the time it is called

The call can be accompanied by an acoustic signal or by voice via a digitizer (important for visually impaired people)

The latest ticket called can be displayed

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Ticket Dispenser


Robust equipment with ergonomic and attractive design, user friendly and touch screen interfaces

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Local component of the system, the player is fundamental to ensure the broadcast availability and its contents

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Mobile Attend


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  • Turnkey solution that includes hardware, software licensing, installation and maintenance services
  • Customizable workflows and scalable systems 
  • Adapted Design
  • Touchscreen dispensers