With this application, you can manage and monitor all your network equipment, covering all the solutions we provide, from Management Service, Digital Signage to Kiosks.

With an extensive experience in delivering Store Digital Solutions, we deliver tailored solutions to each customer needs, to help you control, manage and operate your digital communication.

The Segg platform is the result of over 25 years of experience in self-service in the financial sector, as well as an innovative strategy for digital channels. Developed by senior I&D team of SoftFinança, this allows you to implement and manage a network of interactive, dynamic and transactional channels.


Universal Solution

For any type of terminal, for larger or smaller structures, with different business applications


A single platform to centrally manage all channels and terminals in one or more networks

  • Reducing implementation costs, operation and maintenance
  • Facilitates increased functionality in each channel
  • It enables the development of physical and business features

Its architecture is adapted to complex hierarchical systems, but also simple level structures and individual


Segg software consists in several modules, one of which developed for configuration and content design, providing tools and templates to companies in order to create and manage their own content, making them informative, engaging and relevant.

The design and configuration module composed of blocks, also offers the ability to manage the entire media library content (text, image, video) that will feed the various templates, feeding the playlist to be distributed among several players.

  • Media content control - Media Player, Flash, Imagem, ...
  • Media library management
  • Configuration according to emission layout
  • Data control - choose between displaying tables or the content of your website
  • Multiple templates - choose one of the available templates or create your own template
  • Design versatility - build your content horizontally or vertically with different widgets and customizable tools
  • Content on the cloud - manage and update effectively your content in the cloud
  • Multilingual support - create and manage your content in different languages
  • Media formats - supports different media formats, such as MP4, WMV, JPG, PBG, RSS feeds...
  • Programming in real time - video content streamed across the network
  • Application update - software updates are centrally available
  • Integration - compatible with the SoftFinança service management solution and other systems
  • Creating playlists - create custom content playlists


Content Manager module is a powerful business tool that allows to share relevant information via digital media as well as manage your schedule.

The content manager is used to manage diverse content smoothly, keep your content current, and also provides user management facility by allowing you to designate roles to different users, which simplifies the process of adding, removing, and managing database content.

This module simplifies and improves the management and control of a network of players, and optimizes the use of your resources. Using the content manager, you can easily schedule content uploads and deliver content to different players in the network, in a safe and stable way, in addition to having the capability to support a large players network (scalable).

  • User friendly interface - navigate easily within an intuitive web-based user interface
  • Effective data management - collect, organize and access information so that it can be managed, and updated.
  • Players grouping - distribute customized content to different sets of players
  • Content approval - Content is only displayed after approval of designated authority and users can be assigned different rights.
  • Scalable - Easy to scale up and add up more media players.
  • Content distribution – as soon as content is designed and created, it can be published at any time by scheduling
  • Content Upload and schedule - easy upload scheduling and content distribution, at any time and any day


This is a comprehensive Segg module that allows performance monitoring of players and other terminals (queue management and kiosks), and retrieve information from reports of them.

It offers the ability to monitor multiple connected players and generate performance reports. It is an essential module for a complete performance information of the entire customer's network, their status in different periods, potential impacts, distributed content, among other features.

  • Live network monitoring - comprehensive performance monitoring, reporting and player information
  • Efficient monitoring - constant monitoring of a set of connected Player network for slow or failing components.
  • Alerts - alerts to notify in case of outages or any other discrepancies
  • Summary Dashboard - snapshot of a set of connected Players at a point in time.
  • Performance chart - consolidated graphical representation of the emission and state of different equipment, status overview of active equipment in real time
  • Status Reports - comprehensive reports of player status at different points in time.
  • Daily reports - report updates about the status of different players in the network.
  • History Reports - report of all changes made to the content playlist

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