• Custom information and experience

Over the years the financial sector has evolved substantially and with it, also the form of communication that the institutions were adopting. Traditionally the communication of such institutions is conducted through brochures or posters that banks, financial institutions and insurance still use today, and will probably continue to use. However, in the digital era, the interactive kiosk is an immersive tool to the user's service and provides greater motivation to products "purchase", derived to its multimedia component.

In addition, the services that these institutions provide are and will continue to be provided by people because the human and personal elements are crucial in this sector. However, it is increasingly common to see an interactive kiosk at a financial institution, not only by modernity that gives the space but, above all, because there are tasks where the multimedia kiosk can easily replace the human presence. As with the ATM, which many years ago was a "foreign element" we are sure that such institutions look to digital solutions as working tools increasingly effective, useful and necessary.

Our Queue Management, Communication and Interactivity solutions for the service area, constitute an immersive and rich solution for customer experiences, by collecting and storing data on investment habits and customer spending through Big Data Analytics tools, to be produced and created information and personalized experiences that best meet each specific profile.



Segg platform is the result of over 25 years of experience working in self-service for financial sector and an innovative strategy in digital channels. Developed by SoftFinança’s I&D senior team, allows you to implement and manage an interactive, dynamic and transactional channels network.
Universal Solution
For any terminal type, from larger to smaller structures with different business applications.
A single platform to centrally manage all channels and terminals in one or more networks.
Its architecture adapts to complex hierarchical systems, but also simple level and individual structures.