About us

SoftFinança is a Portuguese software house, dedicated to the development of solutions for the financial market in the field of information systems. Founded in 1990, throughout its years of activity, it has developed numerous projects covering various operational and business areas of financial institutions. Its focus on the financial market, its team of qualified professionals, and its work in this highly demanding market made SoftFinança the ideal partner.

Thus, SoftFinança focus on consolidating its privileged position as a provider of specialized solutions, living around the financial world, its customers, and the pressure imposed by the need to maintain leadership in the markets it addresses, with particular emphasis on the channels between core systems and customers.

The last few years have been guided by the company's internationalization for the African continent, accompanying its clients in their expansion projects. Complementing this intention to address new markets in new geographies, rigor and quality that usually deliver our projects were factors that attracted interest and confidence of new customers in new areas, having today a presence much beyond the financial market, where we started our activity.

Our mission is to design, develop and implement innovative solutions with recognized added value, taking into account the satisfaction of our employees, the company's value and our active role in community development.



Segg System is the result of more than 20 years of SoftFinança’s experience and research in self-service area. It reflects an integrated, interactive, scalable and transactional vision of a dynamic and interactive network of communication terminals for customer service.

Initially created for the financial sector ecosystem, it has the robustness, reliability, functionality and flexibility to meet the most demanding organizations in any sector of activity, operating local, regional, national or globally. That is how we create and specialize a set of features targeted to various sectors of activity, meeting the requirements that are not adequately addressed in other market offers, having today a specialized SEGG for each sector.



Quality, dynamism and content attractiveness.

Ergonomics, robustness and interactivity of equipment (dispensers, screens, players, kiosks).


Architecture and functionalities of terminals management and content distribution software.


SoftFinança built its digital signage and queue management offer in order to ensure control of the entire value chain and deliver an integrated solution. The process of control and management of the entire chain is very complex (it can include screens, media players, dispensers, servers, management software, project management, installation, field service, connectivity, bandwidth and content production).

Thus, SoftFinança assures services for all the process phases, ensuring the solution delivery tailor made to each client. Services goes from conception and design of the equipment’s to installation, management and maintenance.


Segg System is only one of the various solutions and services that SoftFinança offers to the market, result of its experience and know-how of 25 years in the financial market and the last 10 years in various sectors. Our principles and values are:

  • Continuous evolution


  • Adaptability of products to customers


  • Business ethics


  • Rigor and professionalism



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