• Analyze the level of satisfaction
    of your customers

Reduce logistical and administrative costs with legal obligations, evolving communication in the service area.

Digital kiosk is a multimedia solution that aims to automate the update process and availability of interactive contents.

This solution comprises a centralized management system to distribute any content in the network, as well as an interactive terminal in the service area.

The system also has pagination tools to build catalogs for an automatic updating of all the terminals, without the intervention of technicians. In periods of inactivity allows you to transmit commercial campaigns.

  • Measure the satisfaction level of your customers in real time
  • Follow the performance of your resources and your service areas
  • Show that you are committed in improving your services
  • Make strategic decisions based on dynamic reports


  • It allows you to target your messages
  • Helps companies to benchmark their performance
  • Centralized customers feedback management in real-time
  • Improves and increases customer loyalty
  • Improves corporate image
  • Monitors and measures the performance of your resources in real-time
  • Lower logistics costs associated with the distribution, printing and media organizing
  • Reduce operational risks




Creation and management of layouts adapted to reality

Remote content management, fully monitored

Synchronized transmission of multimedia content

Robustness, security and reliability (Hardware and Software)

Content is available offline (without communication)

Economic solution that allows autonomy and cost reduction

Simple and intuitive navigation structure, via touchscreen display with various information such as:

  • Products and Services Price Lists
  • Legal Required information
  • Product catalogs
  • Geographically referenced content to personalized information for each location

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Local component of the system, the player is fundamental to ensure the broadcast availability and its contents

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  • Turnkey solution that includes hardware, software licensing, installation and maintenance services
  • Customizable workflows and scalable systems
  • Adapted Design
  • Touchscreen dispensers