Service Area Design

We established partnerships with design agencies specialized in waiting area design, store design and industrial design. As specialists and leaders in this domain, we understand what is needed to attract customers to a comprehensive space with a unique and intelligent layout, which will contribute to turn a prospect customer into an end user.

With large years of experience, we have become experts in designing the right customer journey in a service space, which contributes to the increasing value of your brand and customer loyalty.

  • Are you aware of your customers’ journey?

  • Are you using the right technology to engage your customers in the best way?

  • What are the key touch-points your customer interacts at?

  • Are you striking a balance between aesthetics, usability, and the value of your products?



  • Increased sales of your products and services
  • Improved market position relative to your competitors
  • Creating a stronger brand identity and loyalty
  • Improved and informed service areas
  • Building a higher quality customer experience
  • Creating a true customer centric organizational culture
  • High-level aesthetics products and services
  • User friendly products and solutions



With an extensive experience in the delivery of differentiated customer experience projects, together with our partners we have developed our own model for the design of customer service spaces.

Our methodology is based on the "Design Thinking" method, gaining the ability to address the issues in a different perspective of the traditional and linear thinking. Our projects consists in several phases, which focus on achieving and implementing radical changes, which result in improved customer experience and service quality.

Our service area and product design approach also takes into account your brand and identity as well as your surroundings customers’ strategy on an emotional level.

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