Digital Signage, which includes digital storefronts and Corporate TV, is a modern concept of communication that disseminates, in real time, information, news, products and relevant and specific services of the institution.

With this service, the service areas benefit from a dedicated channel and an own media to manage all your information and culture, sending key tailored messages to customers and employees adapted to your strategy as a brand.

In a combination of promotional information and national, regional and local actuality, Corporate TV enables you to communicate with your customer, products and services offer in real-time.

Unlike traditional media, such as posters, brochures or static panels, digital signage can be flexible, interactive and customized, allowing to distribute dynamic content aggregating video, text and audio in real time, to a targeted audience.

The programming type used in a corporate channel may include promotional content if it is a channel for external communication with customers, or educational content, when it is intended to be an internal communication channel with employees.


  • Engaging and dynamic emission with relevant information to your customers, in a non-intrusive way
  • Targeting the emission content depending on the local or regional specifications of each institution (weather, cultural agenda, stock exchange, news)
  • Content broadcast in an exclusive channel through a own medium communication
  • Update scheduled content, automated, centralized in real time from a single point
  • Initial investment reduction with a turnkey solution
  • Quality recognition and modernization of the company
  • Template design and scheduling flexible for different communication approaches




Daily news content update

Broadcast of appealing and tailored key messages according to the institution's strategy

Multi-dynamic playlist to organize and differentiate content between various terminals

Design adapted to the institutional image

It supports RSS feeds, easy configuration and integration


TV Streaming

Backoffice with multiple user profiles for content management of terminal network

All kinds of standard formats are supported


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Local component of the system, the player is fundamental to ensure the broadcast availability and its contents

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We have the ability to provide professional-range TV's with a practical design, extra thin frame and shallow depth for a space optimization. The range of screen sizes available, ranging from 32 "to 65" with HD and Full HD resolution, ensure the best selection for your business environment.

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  • Turnkey solution that includes hardware, software licensing, installation and maintenance services
  • Customizable workflows and scalable systems
  • Adapted design
  • Análise estratégica de conteúdos e canais