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Technology is an integral part of people's lives and the internet has changed the way the tourist lives his trip. His journey begins with the internet with the research and online booking, continues with the sharing of moments and experiences and ends with the feedback that its asked. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourists with the so-called Generation Y profile or "Millennials," must come to represent 50% of travelers in 2025. They are tourists looking for interactive experiences, emotional and exploiting. The Z Generation tourist or "iGen" is younger, more informed, with high school degree, with dynamic lifestyle, adept of technologies and social networks. How is made the customer loyalty will also have to change, since the tourist profile is changing, the study of Horwath HTL recommends to win customers by offering services rather than points or customer cards.

The sectors of Tourism and Hospitality usually have a great need for communication, and are therefore "natural" customers of these digital and / or interactive forms of advertising communication, by installing interactive kiosks or digital storefronts. In the Hospitality sector multimedia kiosks today play a key role in research situations and hotel reservations, check-in, tourist routes consultation, comments box, etc. Also the marketing and advertising agencies that work directly with the sector, are increasingly focusing on this type of technology platforms in order to highlight its customers from the competition.

Thus, our offer, through Digital Experience solution, aims to provide any kind of touristic equipment, whether it be a restaurant, a hotel, a tourist centre or a travel agency. An immersive digital solution that works as an extension of its service. We strongly believe that a touristic operator will stand out if it makes a dynamic and multimedia advertising at its point of sale, through the use of digital solutions (digital signage; Corporate TV, Interactive Kiosks).



Segg platform is the result of over 25 years of experience working in self-service for financial sector and an innovative strategy in digital channels. Developed by SoftFinança’s I&D senior team, allows you to implement and manage an interactive, dynamic and transactional channels network.
Universal Solution
For any terminal type, from larger to smaller structures with different business applications.
A single platform to centrally manage all channels and terminals in one or more networks.
Its architecture adapts to complex hierarchical systems, but also simple level and individual structures.