• More effective service
    and optimization of resources
Ticket Dispenser

Our Ticket Dispensers, designed for all industries, ally an attractive and ergonomic design to a robust and secure structure. Being highly customizable, they suit to any service structure, be it small and simple or large and extremely complex.

With user friendly and touch screen interfaces, beside the primary functionality of ticket issuing for queue management, it can also have other features associated such as check-in, payments or appointments, being properly integrated with customer systems, thus releasing resources to other tasks.


  • Interface

    Multi-languages interface touchscreen


    Ability to attend priority customers

    Digital Ticket

    Ability to collect mobile number, send the ticket to the phone (SMS or Push Notification) and send alerts when your turn is approaching

  • Identification

    Ability to recognize a pre-scheduled cliente, through a pre-established ID collected on the screen

    QR Code

    Ability to print barcodes or QR Codes in the tickets

    Waiting Time

    Ability to print the expected waiting time based on a dynamic algorithm analysis

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Our products and solutions are adapted to any industry, responding to the needs of each business, both for the service feature itself, as by the provision as the customer journey in the service area.