• Broadcasting
    always available
Player SEGG

The continuous broadcast availability, in the several displays present in the client’s service area, is assured by Segg Player regardless of the existing communications infrastructure.

This equipment, physically placed at the customer's facilities ensures a continuous broadcast in places where bandwidth is reduced or the network access is limited or subject to interruptions.



Local database for versions maintenance, in order to ensure contents availability on terminals

Validation of the quality of the last content received against the content issued by the SEGG.SERVER. In case of anomaly detection or files inconsistency, player maintains the broadcast of the last version available without errors

Signalling mechanism for verification of the last content version available on SEGG.SERVER

Watchdog for anomaly detection in software and hardware, with alerts to SEGG.SERVER

On-screen capture image for visualization in the BackOffice of SEGG.SERVER

Player for multimedia content presentation on screens, with the most appropriate size and technology to the installation site (TV’s, LCD’s, TFT’s, projector)

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